A Day With SpongeBob SquarePants: The Movie is a rare direct-to-video movie released on Amazon on November 22, 2011. However, the day after it was released, it went out of stock and has not been in stock on most websites since. On the website for Reagal Films, the distributers for the movie, the description is this:

"In this mockumentary, SpongeBob lives above ground like all Hollywood superstars. Afraid that SpongeBob is becoming old news, his boss runs a contest called 'Spend A Day with SpongeBob'. The contest makes SpongeBob the talk of the town, as thousands of kids enter to win. The lucky winner is Seth, and he is ecstatic about his day with SpongeBob. However, the day becomes a roller coaster ride as things don’t go quite the way they planned."[1]

The movie hasn't reappeared on any website, other than some occasions on eBay, and no screenshots or trailers have resurfaced online, other than the cover, making the movie remain a complete mystery. No other information has been found on the plot, except the quote above. It has also been found that the kid on the cover is just a stock image found on Google Images. The reviews seen on the top of the cover are fake too, as the people that wrote them have no association with the magazines that they wrote for, and even then the magazines are found to be fake as well. This leads people to believe that the film is fake, but the barcode for the film can be seen here:

The company that made the movie, Inovisim Films, is believed to be fake, because it doesn't have a website, and upon Googling it, only info for the movie comes up.

Some people speculate that the film isn't on Amazon because of Viacom's strict copyright policy, but supposedly, Nickelodeon actually gave out the rights to SpongeBob SquarePants's image so it could be used in the film.[2] So now, it is unknown why the film hasn't gone back on stock on Amazon.

I also found a link to the quotes page for the movie on Rotten Tomatoes, and, oddly enough, when you click the link to visit the original RT page for the movie, it says "404: Page Not Found".[3] When I used the Wayback Machine to try and search to see if the movie had its own page in the first place, it wouldn't let me because of robots.txt. So this means I can't search for the film on Rotten Tomatoes to see if there is possibly more information there.

ROTTEN TOMATOES EDIT 7/31/15: I found it, even though it happened like an hour after the above paragraph took place, but I found the Rotten Tomatoes page for this film. It took some serious digging around though, because it wouldn't come up when I searched the whole website for the movie. I guess I found the right keywords on Google, because I have never seen this page before during my regular daily searches.[4] Obviously, there are no screenshots, no poster, no trailer, no reviews from critics and audiences, so it looks plain and empty. I just think it's weird that it wouldn't come up with a search of the website, and that I had to dig around in Google to find it. Strange. Well, enjoy the empty wasteland that is the Rotten Tomatoes page for "A Day With SpongeBob SquarePants".

Not only has the film not reappeared on Amazon, it hasn't reappeared on big websites like or, making the movie seem almost impossible to find, except for eBay.

AMAZON EDIT 7/30/15: Three days ago, a new review was posted on the Amazon page for the movie. It was most likely a troll though, still interesting. It reads: "This movie was black and white why?". The supposed viewer gave the film 2/5 stars.[5] Upon viewing this user's Amazon account, called "yahir", the only review he wrote was for this movie.

AMAZON EDIT 7/31/15: The other review for the movie, written by "mike zendar" reads "Four Stars: I thought that it was great". He is also most likely a troll as well, because he reviewed one other thing, a book called "How to Start a Fire", a book about a completely different thing than starting a fire. He wrote "misleading title: Had nothing to do with building a fire". Probably better to disregard this review, as well as the other one by "yahir".

More information or even the full movie have yet to appear online.

EDIT 8/9/15: In the review from "mike zendar", he left an email address. Upon emailing him and asking if he had videos or screenshots, he said "no ill have to go look in storage" or something to that effect. Many more people have emailed him, and now we have new information about the film!

It was animated like a bad flash cartoon, similar to the old "SpongeBong HempPants" shorts from the early 2000's.

He said that he has to wait for his friend to arrive and help him before we can get any video or screenshots.

He also said that he will upload the film to YouTube and Wikia.

We are coming 1 step closer to finding this "gem" (if it is one)!

EDIT 8/9/15: Over the past five days, a rapid development has been occurring as five /co/ threads on 4chan have been created, dedicated to unearthing this mysterious title. In the first thread, an image was uploaded which appeared to be an actual still from the film. The supposed screenshot was soon discovered to be a fake, as the SpongeBob model was ripped straight from a fan render video from 2012 and the kid was edited out of a photo of two children standing in front of a green screen.[6]
ADayWithSpongeBobSquarePantsTheMovie HQCover-0

A more clear image of the cover

In the third thread, an anon who works at Hastings appeared and stated that the DVD could be seen and ordered via the employee system but was not listed in the public search for the store. He proceeded to order a copy and said that he would "have it in about 2 weeks."[7] Another anon who works at a separate Hastings branch appeared and also ordered a copy, thereby doubling the chances of either one receiving the DVD.[8] Despite each having ordered a copy of the DVD, the two Hastings workers are not entirely sure if they will even receive a copy, since their vendors are out of stock.[9] One of the workers, however, has made an effort to search thrift shops, libraries, and bargain bins for the movie in case the order falls through. If it does, he says he will contact upper management to attempt to resolve the problem.

Other attempts have been made at either obtaining information about the film or the film itself. One anon e-mailed an Amazon user named mike zendar who reviewed the film and asked if he had a copy of it. The conversation ended up fruitless as the reviewer was concluded to be a troll.[10] Another anon entered Reagal Films' address into Google Maps, which showed a shopping plaza.[11] A different anon traveled to a division of MVD Entertainment, a company which catalogs the DVD on their site, and found that their offices were empty.[12]

As of late, the greatest lead we have is the two Hastings workers in the 4chan threads. This page will continue to be updated as new information arises.

AMAZON EDIT 8/14/15: This one slipped by me, but then again, I mean, who cares, they're probably trolls again. Two reviews have showed since the last Amazon Edit (7/31/15). One written by "Johnathan". Title: "This honestly feels like a mockery to the Spongebob Brand as a whole" Stars: 2. Review: "This honestly feels like a mockery to the Spongebob Brand as a whole. There are some funny moments, but the movie is just forgettable." Another one, written by "Camilo", was, ironically, titled "an unforgettable adventure". Stars: 5. Review: "Heart warming and action packed! Strongly recommend for the whole family and friends". As always, the reviews and names for the people are copied word for word. Again, I wouldn't believe the reviewers of the movie, with reviews popping up here and there 4 years after the movie's release.

Reagal is Shady Update 8/14/15: A few days back, I found out that not only is Reagal Films' headquarters at a shopping mall, but it is in the back of it. The only way to access it is to go into the back parking lot and go through presumably a door in the back. Unfortunately, that's not even all the info we have. Moodiecitymadman, a contributor on the Lost Media Wiki, found out that when you go to Reagal Films' website, they (or someone) attempts to download a Trojan virus onto your computer. For your safety, unless you have an anti-virus like me (Thisishowibro9303) and Moodiecitymadman, STAY AWAY from

General Update 8/19/15: Today, two people claiming to have the movie have come out of the blue. First, someone named "Slick Nick" messaged me on Facebook saying "hey i have a day with spongebob sqarepants the movie im going to upload it to youtube tomorrow in the afternoon. i rated the movie and gave it a 7 out of 10 the story was decent but the animation was alil strange and the voice was not convincing at all, heres a couple of screen shots". Copies word for word. The double space was there too. Of course, this turned out to not be true, because the screenshots were from a video called "SpongeBob SquarePants in Real Life". Another case was on 4chan, somebody claimed to have the film. He left a couple of "screenshots" and a photo of him supposedly holding the DVD case. This thread has yet to be proven false or fake. The thread can be viewed here. That will be all for Wednesday, August 19, 2015 unless more information pops up.


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